Virtual Timetable

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic all of our sessions are being run online.


Links will be emailed out daily.

Flexibility Game

Flexibility class for all levels and ages. The focus in this session is to improve our flexibility mainly for flying but also for tumbling and jumps.


Bethans Belly Bingo

Focusing on core and arm conditioning. This session is great for all stunt positions as well as improving jumps and tumbles.


Can't Jump, won't Jump - Who wants to be a Millionaire

Jump training. Working on correct leg and arm placement, jump flexibility, height, control and landings. Suitable for all ages and levels.


Kelli's Cardiopoly

Intense cardio training open to all athletes. This session is based on interval training and helps to improve stamina which is great for all ages and levels.


All classes recorded so far are available on our homework App.

And all new sessions will be posted for athletes if they couldn’t make the live video but will still like to do the drills.

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